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End of Year Examinations 2014

Secondary 1 - 3


Dates: 26th September 2014- 9th October 2014

News & Happenings


Secondary One Orientation

Jurong West Secondary School held its 2014 Secondary One Orientation from 2-3 January within the school compound. The Orientation was planned and executed by our Student Councillors. The purpose of the Orientation was to introduce the Secondary Ones to the new environment and to allow them to interact with their new classmates so as to create a better class spirit.

A variety of activities such as Ice Breakers, Mass Dance, Cheer Session, Telematch and many more were conducted during the 2 days Orientation Programme. Through all the activities, the Secondary One students forged valuable friendships and gained new experiences, creating a stronger sense of belonging within them. The Orientation ended with a Grand Finale in which all the Secondary One classes had a chance to perform the class performance that they have prepared together on stage. They also sang, danced and cheered together as a class, enjoying themselves during the Grand Finale.


Total Defence Day

The theme of this year’s Total Defence Day is “Because You Played A Part” which emphasizes the importance of values such responsibility and readiness of each Singaporean. This year, Total Defence Day was commemorated with a series of fun-filled interclass competitions at each Secondary level. Secondary 1 classes focused on Military Defence. A SAF recruitment poster design competition was held to enable the students to understand the importance of playing a part to Singapore’s security by serving the SAF. Secondary 2 classes focused on Civil Defence. Each class designed posters based on how they can play a part in one of the following scenarios: MRT Bomb Plot, SARS or Haze.

Secondary 3 classes focused on Social Defence. Students took perspectives of school leaders, teachers, parents and students and came up with an action plan to deal with a given scenario. Secondary 4 and 5 classes focused on Psychological Defence. A mascot design competition was held where each class designed a mascot representing loyalty and how they can play their part to overcome any crisis in Singapore. 



READ! FEST Week held on 24-28 March


EBS Learning Journey

The Secondary Four Normal Technical students went to Universal Studios Singapore for their EBS Learning Journey. Students had to apply what they had learnt in EBS to complete some tasks together as a team. Some of the tasks include having to evaluate the effectiveness  of the interior and exterior design of a retail outlet in terms of attracting customers and to record a video interview with a sales assistant to find out why quality customer service skills is important. Students enjoyed themselves and were more appreciative of EBS when they realised the skills that they had learnt in EBS was useful in real life situations. 


Innovation Day

In line with one of the school’s core values, Innovation and Creativity, the Secondary One Students had their Innovation Day, in which they had to complete two tasks together as a class. The first task was to use recycled materials to decorate two models from each class and the second task was to use recycled materials to drop a block of tofu  from the second level without breaking the tofu. Students had to first use their creativity to brainstorm for ideas and then be innovative in making their ideas come to life.


14th Student Council Investiture

The 14th Student Council Investiture was an event to show appreciation to the seniors who were graduating and to recognize and officially appoint the newly elected Student Councillors and EXCO members. This also represents the handover of responsibilities and duties from the 13th to the 14th Student Council.


Student Leadership Camp 2014

The Student Leadership Camp was a 2 days 1 night camp which involved our CARE Ambassadors, Cyberwellness Ambassadors, Health Ambassadors and Student Councillors. The aims of this camp were to ensure that Students were equipped with the basic facilitation and emcee skills, as well as to forge valuable friendships as they worked together as a team. A workshop on facilitation and emcee skills was conducted during the camp and students were given the opportunity to apply what they had learned during the workshop to facilitate some of the activities during the camp.

JWSS Safe Cycling Post-Exam Activity

The school organised a post-exam safe cycling programme for students and teachers from 29-30 May. In its second year running, the programme impresses upon the cycling community in the school the importance of safety on the roads and park connector networks.

As part of the programme, students learnt various skills such as wearing appropriate gear, basic maneuvers, gained confidence using hand signals and cycling in groups. On the second day of the programme, the students cycled in groups lead by teachers around the Jurong West neighbourhood and the Jurong West Park Connector Network. This gave them the opportunity to practice and apply what they learnt. It was especially heartening to see our student cyclists demonstrating the Eagles Culture by looking out for each other. The 2-days activities were fun-filled for both students and teachers alike with friendshops and bonds forged among the school's cycling community and many memories made!

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Upcoming Events

CIP (Sec 2) Newspaper Collection @ Jurong West Neighbourhood

12 July 2014, 8.00am-12.30pm

Racial Harmony Day Commemoration 

21 July 2014, 1.00-2.00pm


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